Cutting Through The Clutter With A New Credit Card Offer


Credit card competition is aggressive. People are overwhelmed, weekly, with various credit card direct mail offers. Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU) had to find a way to make their direct mail so different and engaging, that it begged to be opened.

See the Campaign

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The timing was right for TDECU to capture as much of the market share as possible. TDECU’s credit card offer was sound, more than competitive, and straightforward.

Credit cards are an important part in acquiring new customers and deepening their relationship and checking accounts were identified as a key relationship product.

A standard # 10 envelope mailer is easy to produce but screams, “I’m junk mail! Throw me away.” It’s also not in keeping with TDECU’s brand persona—genuine, helpful, fair and friendly.


We had to produce this piece under a tight deadline. We developed a two-piece direct mail system that was immediately delightful and engaging, making it stand out from the other mailers. We branded it with employee talent and an intriguing messaging about the offer.

We suggested the offer be contingent upon having or opening a checking account. This also aided in reducing “here today, gone tomorrow” rate shoppers.

Elements include:

  • 7” x 5” sleeve, full color with a window
  • Tri-fold mailer, full color, 7” x 14” with perforated certificate
  • Business Reply Envelope
  • Disclosure insert
  • Animated In-branch Digital Display Advertising


We exceeded prior year’s goals by 300% – creating the largest total ever in balances transferred.

Opened 100 new checking accounts within 90 days.

The direct mail system we developed has continued to see high open rates and serves as the primary direct mail sales piece for all TDECU credit card acquisition and balance transfer promotions.

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