TIMEOUT! – Using Sports to Help End the Cycle of Child Abuse


The Center for Miracles operates with the Children’s Hospital at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa. Their mission is to promote the health and safety of children who are at risk of abuse or neglect in San Antonio. They do this by indentifying and examining children brought into the hospital who are suspected of being victims of child abuse. In order to be more proactive, they needed to develop education materials.

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Many of the cases they were seeing were preventable. They involved temper flare- ups by the caregivers and an inability to cope with a frustrated child.

Educating caregivers about the importance of taking a moment to calm down and seek support would lead to a reduction in many of the cases encountered.

It was also important to encourage family and friends to look for opportunities to provide positive support to caregivers who were having a hard time.

This sensitive topic had to be broached from the standpoint of support and not in an accusatory tone.


We created a “TIME OUT!” metaphor centered around sports. This was instantly understandable and worked on many levels. The idea of a team working together, the idea of stopping to regroup and the idea that you can take a break without any personal judgments.

The pieces were bilingual to work across all of San Antonio.

Spurs player, Brent Barry, lent his support to the initiative and is featured in collateral pieces. Photography featured children with referee shirts and holding whistles.

Elements include:

  • Brochure
  • Easel Back Brochure Holder
  • Pocket Folder
  • Flyer

Outdoor Bus Transit Advertising

  • Via Bus Cards
  • Via Banner Ads
  • Via Bus Stop Ad


Materials were rolled out during a press conference in which the mayor spoke about the importance of the TIME OUT! Initiative. Those working with the materials have received positive feedback. The pieces went through several re-orders and are currently still in use.


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