Together We’re Better – Branding the best aspects of a credit union


Public Service Credit Union (PSCU) had not advertised, at all, in five years prior to 2010. Awareness was extremely low and membership growth had declined. They contacted us to help them revitalize their brand with an emphasis on reaching the burgeoning Hispanic market in Colorado.

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Basic demographic information provided an initial profile of the Hispanic market in Colorado. There was a high level of acculturation in the Denver metro market, as well as the Northern markets.

Successive branding sessions with the executive staff were instrumental in helping to formulate a new brand for PSCU. Their valuable contributions made it possible to create a message unique to the market.


We positioned PSCU as standing for one fundamental truth, “Together, we’re better.” From a tactical standpoint this promoted the cooperative nature of credit union banking, which appealed to many considering the profiteering of some of the bigger banks at the time. From an emotional standpoint, it carried a sense of optimism and hope and was effective in raising awareness and changing behavior in the tumultuous financial climate of Colorado.

We set out to be the credit union with the highest media spend and within the top 5 financial institutions in media spend. This ensured that we would get our message out successfully. Media research indicated that the acculturated Hispanic, while consuming Spanish-only media, also consumed plenty of general market media. We handled the Hispanic outreach by making sure that a certain percentage of the talent used in creative were acculturated Hispanics. This is in line with our method of Hispanic advertising, which is not to treat the Hispanic market as if they are “in a bubble.” We have found that the segment of the Hispanic market with the highest purchasing power is also acculturated and can be reached with general market media, as long as you still speak to their values and beliefs.

Because our brand promise was so personal to the credit union, we decided to use actual members to express that message and share their stories. We identified talent pool, which would reflect diversity among gender, age and ethnicity.

Elements included:

  • TV & Radio Anthem spots
  • TV & Radio Testimonial spots
  • Print ads
  • Bus Outdoor Transit Ads
  • Denver International Airport Banners
  • Online Digital Advertising
  • Digital In-branch Display Advertising
  • Refit branch lobbies with new collateral
  • Corporate Wear
  • Re-branded Corporate Stationery
  • Presented campaign to board of directors
  • Developed materials for employee training
  • Presented at an all-employee kick off rally


Overall membership increased 30,000 in three years. Met three-year retail and business membership goals, twelve months ahead of schedule. We saw an increase in products per member and net worth ratio.

We saw a larger increase in unaided brand awareness, than we anticipated. Our tag line, “Together, we’re better” became the Most Recognized among all financial institutions in Denver.

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