We Believe Consumer Change is Driven by Deeper Engagement.

Engagement is the cultivation of a relationship between your consumer and your organization. The deeper it is, the more loyal your consumers are.

To deepen engagement you need to have three well-developed components in place:

  1. A Brand Story
  2. Communication Strategy
  3. Measurement of Analytics

These three concepts may sound broad, vague and a little like conference room power point speak – and maybe they are, but the reality is much more personal. Think of your most intimate relationships. Pick one and look at the trajectory of it from the beginning.

How did you introduce yourself? Did you wear a suit or a tank top? What parts of your personality did you accentuate? That’s very similar to a brand story. It’s presenting yourself so consumers perceive you in a specific, intentional way.

What did you talk about? Were you funny or serious in tone? What was important for the other person to know about you? Also, what did you avoid talking about? That’s very similar to a Communication Strategy. It’s conveying the messages you’ve decided are important.

How did you gauge their reaction during conversation? Did they laugh at your joke, did it fly over their head? Were they distracted by their phone or ask a lot of questions? Did their facial expressions or body language indicate that you should change or expand on the topic? That’s very similar to Measurement of Analytics. It’s knowing how your consumers are reacting to your communication and adapting accordingly.

If any one of these components is missing, you won’t deepen engagement, nor will you grow share of wallet or loyalty.

In fact, you’ll actively weaken engagement. At best they’ll perceive your relationship as robotic or transactional. At worst they’ll perceive you as uncaring or oblivious.

We collaborate with you to develop real engagement with your consumers that reaches the heart as well as the head. We create memorable, persuasive messages making consumers more likely to try, buy, or switch.

That’s because we understand that people tend to make decisions on an emotional level. Heart first. Afterwards, we’ll use intellect to gather the facts and figures that rationalize and bolster our decision. Sound familiar?

When was the last time someone persuaded you to try something new? The new restaurant on the block, a new detergent, a new electronic gadget. Think about it. Was it their information and facts that swayed you? Or, was it the emotion in their face, emphatic body language, and excitement in their voice. They made you want to.

Most advertising only reaches the mind and maybe the funny bone. The top brands build engagement by delighting the senses, engaging the mind, and affecting behavior.

Call us to help you create loyal, consumers who purchase your product or service – not because of price, rates or coupons, but because they’ve associated it with a deep emotion, and successfully integrated it into their lifestyle.

Are You Doing What The Top Brands Do?

Successful brands do 3 things consistently to maintain engagement with their consumers. Is your organization doing the same?

1. Resource Commitment

Budgets shrink and grow, but what line items remain vital?

Resource Commitment

Top brands will commit as many resources to building and maintaining the image of their brand as they do to the quality of their product or service.

2. Brand Positioning

How is your brand perceived by consumers?

Brand Positioning

Top brands will position their brand as better and different than the competition. It’s this distinction that consumers will use to justify their decision to use you.

3. Emotional Connection

Have you told your consumers what you stand for?

Emotional Connection

Top brands will always link themselves to a powerful emotion. Nike sells personal empowerment more than apparel. Coke sells world harmony more than soda. What about your brand?

Meet The Leadership

John Andrade
John AndradeCEO
John is a communication professional with 25 years branding and advertising experience. Over his career he’s worked with many financial institutions helping them drive deeper engagement with their consumers.
David Lamb
David LambChief Storyteller
David believes in the transformative power of stories to create change and influence
hearts and minds. He began his career in Los Angeles producing projects for NBC Universal, Fox Sports, the Oprah Winfrey Channel, Showtime, and others.
Lionel Sosa
Lionel SosaStrategic Advisor
Lionel Sosa is a self-made businessman and entrepreneur, a pioneer in Latino marketing, expert in Hispanic consumer & voter behavior, author and painter. Over the past 15 years, he and John have partnered on clients in politics, finance and education.

We Pride Ourselves On Creativity, Experience & Follow Through

We are natural storytellers and love the challenge of creatively communicating on behalf of our clients. We also know that there’s a specific role our work plays – to move people closer to making a decision to try, buy or switch.

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