Project Description

We worked with National Council of La Raza (NCLR) on a two-year mission to rebrand their organization in time for their 50th Anniversary. Initially this involved multiple meetings with internal and external stakeholders gathering vital insights into what this organization stood for and how to communicate that clearly for the next 50 years. The idea being to keep the name and update their logo and brand look.

But the effort became much more complex after holding focus groups in 7 cities Nationwide with their 3 target audiences: Young Latinos, Professionals and Community Leaders, and Spanish Dominant Working People. It was determined that no one felt an affinity to their current name, and each target audience disliked it for a different reason.

Rather than engage with a communication effort on three fronts, NCLR decided a name change was needed along with a new logo. The result, UnidosUS is a brand that has affinity with each group and clearly communicate their values easily and effectively.

Project Brief

The new brand must be simple and easy for all to understand. We must incorporate feedback from key internal stakeholders creating a brand that appeals to all three target audiences. It must be bold and stand out from all other Latino serving organizations. It must be easily understood in English and Spanish. It must represent what America stands for.

The Challenge

We had to overcome three different objections from the target audiences and the result must be universally appealing and understood by all. Plus, we had to convince internal stakeholders of the necessity of a name change. The new brand had to speak to their community today but still honor the foundation they built over the past that 50 years.

The Solution

The new brand communicates Unity. It is clear, concise and bold. It honors the legacy of NCLR while looking to the future. It signifies how connected we are with one another. Linking the “D” and the “O” communicates an embrace of unity, somos unidos. It draws focus on “DO”, taking action and “DOS” Spanish for “two” and the duality of our community – bilingual, bicultural.

How They’ve Masterfully Applied The Brand

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence


Uncovering and understanding all of the communication challenges to reaching your target audience.

Brand Strategy

Creating a plan that ensures clear and effective communication of your brand identity to your consumers.

Visual Design

Conveying visually your values and mission in a memorable way that engages and delights the viewer.


Getting feedback from stakeholders and incorporating that into a comprehensive brand identity.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

This new name, and the accompanying brand narrative, strengthens the alignment of the organization’s mission, purpose, and values, and offers a brand identity that speaks to our community today and in the future.

Janet Murguia, CEO, UnidosUS