Establishing a brand is essential for communicating with consumers.

Our branding services help you mine the history of your institution and forge your unique story into a powerful, emotional connection with consumers. Your brand is more than your best product or service – it’s how people feel when they think about you. Coke is “The Real Thing,” Nike is “Just Do It,” what are you?

Establishing a brand is essential for communicating with consumers. If you think you don’t have one because you’ve never developed one you’re wrong. In your absence your consumers already have –  it already exists. The only question is: Are you involved in shaping it?

We can help you take control of your Brand and communicate it to the world.



We take 1-2 days to collaborate with your team and rediscover what your organization stands for.

Workshops Include:

  • Reviewing The Power of Images Presentation
  • Defining Trends, Competition, Barriers, Opportunities
  • Developing Your Brand Pyramid
  • Discovering Your Mission Statement
  • Completing Your Branding Brief 7 Key Questions
  • Brainstorming Taglines, Positioning Copy, Look and Feel

Defining what you stand for will determine how your brand identity should appear. We will work to develop a brand that communicates your ideals to consumers.

Brand Identity Development Includes

  • Researching Current Trends
  • Building Your Visual Brand
  • Creating or Refining Your Logo
  • Developing Printed and Electronic Stationery
  • Developing Online and Social Media Assets
  • Developing Your Brand Guidelines

Does your brand resonate with your consumers? We will help uncover important insights from your consumers and how they perceive your brand.

Brand Testing Includes:

  • Focus Group Testing of Members
  • Top-of-Mind Surveys of Public
  • Aided and Unaided Awareness Studies
  • Brand Value Gap Surveys

Make sure consumers know what you stand for and why you’re better.

Communicating with consumers effectively will grow share of market and share of wallet. You must reach the right person with the right message at the right time – repeatedly – to see a positive impact.

As the channels used to reach consumers have multiplied, the communications landscape has grown more crowded and confused. However the opportunities have also multiplied providing organizations with smaller budgets the ability to have a greater impact. The challenge in this new media landscape is being able to understand the strengths of each channel and tailoring your message to have the greatest impact.

We can help you measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts.



We will work together to set the communications strategy for your organization.

Workshops Include:

  • Reviewing Your Branding Pyramid & Mission Statement
  • Completing Your Communications Brief
  • Defining Your Business Goals
  • Defining 5-7 Communication Strategies to Reach Your Business Goals
  • Assigning Budgets, Teams and Timelines
  • Agree on Responsibilities and Next Steps

Each campaign you develop should align with your brand message and a clearly defined business objective. We will create a single advertising campaign or multiple efforts across different channels that delight the senses, engage the mind and affect behavior.

Campaign Development Includes

  • Television Commercials
  • Online Video Production
  • Radio Commercials
  • Newspaper & Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Web and Search Digital Advertising

Limit wasted resources with a powerful diagnostic tool. The Analytics Dashboard 

Inability to measure return on investment has kept communication efforts from becoming a strategic priority.  

Now it is possible to see how well your messages perform, optimize and change messages for greater performance, track consumers from a communication channel like LinkedIn to your site and if they navigate your site to a successful conclusion, like filling out an application or requesting more information.

All of that information, from multiple social media channels, your website, email marketing programs, web display and search ads in one place, at your fingertips.

We can help you build an analytics dashboard that works now and can grow with you.



Plan analytics measurements into your overall communication strategy. We will help you make sure each piece you produce is as effective as possible.

Analytics Mapping Includes

  • Proper UTM Management
  • Best Usage of Tracking Pixels
  • A/B Testing
  • Website Goalsetting
  • Analytic Triggers
  • Heat Mapping

We will create an online dashboard that collects all relevant communication stats and presents them in one, easy to understand dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard Includes:

  • Relevant Google Web Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Search and Digital Advertising Analytics
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Relevant Consumer Statistics on Location, Device and Platform
  • User Online Journey Map
  • Website Goal Tracking