Branding Power Financial Credit Union


Project Brief Power Financial Credit Union (PowerFi) had a wonderful culture of serving put in place by their executive leadership headed by CEO, Alan Prindle and their board. We worked with them to engage in a branding workshop so that we could define what their values were and help them discover their brand. [...]

You’re the OWNERS, We’re the EXPERTS!


Showcasing the Pride of Ownership Texas Dow Employee Credit Union (TDECU) called us when they wanted to re-energize their brand. We determined it was essential to communicate the key differentiator that credit union members are owners of the credit union, in contrast to customers at banks. TDECU improves people’s lives by providing expert [...]

Rebranding America’s Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization


We worked with National Council of La Raza (NCLR) on a two-year mission to rebrand their organization in time for their 50th Anniversary. Initially this involved multiple meetings with internal and external stakeholders gathering vital insights into what this organization stood for and how to communicate that clearly for the next 50 years. [...]

Auto Financial Group Balloon Lending Program Explainer Video


Auto Financial Group approached us with an assignment to help financial institutions understand the differences between their financing products. This was an exciting challenge for us That involved informing and educating our viewer while remaining entertaining and engaging. We developed a creative brief with the client and from those first meetings we developed a [...]

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